Can I Delete My Account from the App?

One question that is asked is, “Can I delete my account from the app?” The answer to that question is no. The app does not allow patients to delete the account. You can remove the connection to your connected organization, but you cannot delete the account. To delete the account, you have to log into the account on a computer/laptop and delete it. Another option would be to call your medical organization. Either they will be able to delete the account or direct you to who can delete the account for you. To delete your account from a computer/laptop, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Go to and log in. 

Step 2: Log into your account. 

Step 3: Go to “My Account” at the top of the screen and click on “Preferences”.

home screen, select "my account" and then "preferences"

Step 4: You will see a button that says, “Delete your UHR”, click on that. 

preferences screen, select "account preferences" and then "delete your UHR"

Step 5: You will receive a warning message about deleting the account. If you are sure you want to delete the account, click “Yes”.  

warning alert, select yes or no